Our Backyard Music Series - Serendipiti

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Serendipiti is 20-year-old singer-songwriter Jess Chate, an artist making sense of the world through music, using it as a channel to interpret her deepest feelings and musings. Starting at the age of 8, she wrote her first song singing to herself to self-soothe her anxiety over a phantom spider bite. It was at this moment she realised the power of music to bring us back into the present, and she’s been writing and performing ever since, both on her own and with her previous award-winning band, ‘Hunnybee’. 


Serendipiti sings with honest wisdom that speaks to our essential humanity and tugs at our heartstrings, interlacing intricate guitar backdrops with her authentic lyrics and weaving melodies. Selected as a featured artist for Byron Bay’s UpNext emerging artist program, her songs focus on the biggest feelings hidden in the smallest moments of life. Her love of alternate tunings influences the warmth behind her unique, contemporary sound as she aims to help all those who hear it to feel understood.


The heartfelt honesty of Serendipiti’s music and performance will have everyone who hears it hanging onto every word, as she conveys life's simplest joys and pains with just her lyrics and guitar.