The Xrossing

Photo: Dylan Singh, Credit: Carnival Cinema 

On July 8 - 9, SeedArts presents, The Xrossing, a daring highwire spectacle for Lismore celebrating the unbelievable story of Lismore-born, Aboriginal tightwire virtuoso, Con Colleano, the world's greatest known as the Wizard of the Wire.
The Xrossing premieres in the Lismore Quad for NAIDOC Week and sees two professional wire walkers mentor two Indigenous young people to traverse 60-metre long tightwires suspended from stacks of shipping containers high above the Lismore Quad.

In preparation for The Xrossing, SeedArts delivers Wizards of the Wire 'wire-walking-for-well-being' workshops in the Quad in June. These workshops share the benefits of funambulism - the art of wire-walking with a balance pole - with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people and community members. Funambulism is a great mindfulness tool and offer participants a great therapeutic, post-flood, creative recovery activity. Workshop graduates are then invited to participate as 'community walkers' for The Xrossing event.
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The Quad is a wheelchair accessible space.
There will be accessible toilets available onsite. 
An Auslan Interpreter will be available on saturday the 8th of July.