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SIDESTEP is a choose-your-adventure activation – an all-ages downtown play adventure designed for Lismore by local children’s theatre company, Roundabout Theatre.


Running from the 17th January, SIDESTEP is an interactive, whimsical and wacky adventure, involving graphics and notices to be found on the ground and pinned up all over town, for families and children to do whenever they choose!


Come down to the Quad and find and follow the whimsical signs, wacky instructions, play notices, pop up games and silly directions which will lead you on a CBD adventure. Give Way to some PLAY, merge into the fun lane…


SIDESTEP is free to play solo or with your family, your friend, your neighbour, your dog, your pet rock. Play it any time of day in the sunshine or the rain - on your way somewhere or as a destination.


SIDESTEP has been commissioned by The Quad and Lismore City Council as a playful response to COVID-19 lockdown measures, to activate Lismore CBD as part of Council’s Business Activation Plan.