The Quad Partnership

Image: Southern Cross University Vice Chancellor Adam Shoemaker, Quadrangle Placemaking Officer Marisa Snow and Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith.

The Quad – Lismore’s new greenspace and creative playground in the heart of the city – is set to come to life with events and activities thanks to a partnership between Southern Cross University and Lismore City Council.

The partnership has enabled the appointment of Marisa Snow as the Quadrangle Placemaking Officer to ensure a diverse program of activities over the next three years.

“Southern Cross and the Lismore City Council both have a shared vision and commitment to the role that ideas, creativity and collaboration can play in activating the CBD of Lismore,” said Mr Ben Roche, Pro Vice Chancellor (Engagement) at Southern Cross University.

“Our students and researchers have a key role in enriching the communities in our background as part of realising our vision as Australia’s engaged university.”

The Quad is strategically located between Lismore Library, the Northern Rivers Conservatorium, the Social Futures Clubhouse and the new Lismore Regional Gallery. It was the location of the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education, the precursor to Southern Cross University.

The partnership will result in a suite of new activities that harness the power of creatives, students, researchers and organisations and provides opportunities for all stakeholders in the Quad to come together and develop a shared vision for a program of vibrant activity in the CBD.


Our history... going back to our roots

Image courtesy of SCU History Group.

The Quad is a space surrounded by buildings that have a long history in the identity of Lismore.

The site was once the home of Lismore High School, before being transformed into a Teachers College in the 1970s.

That educational institution evolved into the Advanced College of Education and eventually into Southern Cross University in 1994.

By making its home in Lismore, the University flourished economically and became a hotspot for students and those looking for an alternative lifestyle.

In the late 1990s, the University moved to a bigger campus in East Lismore and the site became the home of the Northern Rivers Conservatorium and the Lismore Library, which still remain today.

Now, with the addition of the $5.8 million Lismore Regional Gallery and Quad space, the site is evolving again into a creative hub for students and the community.

Through the partnership with Council, Southern Cross University is now returning to its original home to deliver real-world learning for students through grassroots projects and once again connect and engage with the Lismore community in the heart of the city.


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