Dark Science: Into Indigenous Astronomy

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Into the Space Between: Talk: Introduction to Indigenous Astronomy with celebrated astronomer Kirsten Banks


Australia is home to the oldest living culture in the world which has a deep and beautiful astronomical history. Get a taste of Aboriginal Astronomy with Kirsten Banks as she shares with you a different perspective of the night sky that has existed in this country we now call Australia for more than 65,000 years.


Kirsten Banks is an astrophysicist and science communicator with an undeniable passion for space and astronomy. She studies the stars in the Milky Way galaxy in an effort to understand more about the history and evolution of our island universe. Kirsten is also a very proud Wiradjuri woman who loves to share her passion for Aboriginal astronomical traditions.


Partners: Inspiring Australia, Lismore Regional Gallery, Southern Cross University


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Saturday 29 August. 5:45 for a 6pm start-6:45pm

Where: Lismore Regional Gallery event space (limited capacity) or online via